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The event will take place between 3pm on Friday 17th May and 4pm on Sunday 19th May.

Friday May 17th

    • 3pm – 11pm: Registration opens for teams and support crews – Sport Center “La Morlande” in Avallon.
    • 7pm – 11pm: Big solidarity dinner (booking mandatory) – Covered Market in Avallon center.

Saturday May 18th

    • 5:30am – 8:45am: Breakfast for teams – Sports Center “La Morlande” in Avallon
    • 6:30am: GPS withdrawal and collective warm-up for start A
    • 7am: Start A
    • 7:30am: GPS withdrawal and collective warm-up for start B
    • 8am: Start B
    • 8:30am: GPS withdrawal and collective warm-up for start C
    • 9am: Start C

Sunday May 19th

    • 7am : The arrival area (lounge area / massage area / snackbar) opens – Place des Terreaux in Avallon center.
    • 1pm : Last arrival time for teams from Start A (30 hours after start time).
    • 2pm : Last arrival time for teams from Start B (30 hours after start time).
    • 3pm : Last arrival time for teams from Start C (30 hours after start time).
    • 3:30pm : The arrival area closes.

If you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +33 (0)1 56 98 24 46 or by email.

Important areas

Friday 17th & Saturday 18th May


Avallon Omnisports Center is the nerve center of the Trailwalker. It is both the meeting point for all participants and the starting point for the event.

It includes reception, sanitary, camping, parking, continuously opened throughout the weekend, from Friday 3pm to Sunday 3pm.



Friday evening diner :

The “Marché Couvert” is the place for the Participants Diner on Friday evening, which is accessible on prior reservation. Three services will be put in place, the tickets will be allocated to the participants according to their arrival time at the registration at the Omnisports center of Avallon.


Sunday 19th May

Four distinct places are to be known for the arrival of the Trailwalker Oxfam in Avallon:

Vauban Square

This is the place of arrival of the teams. You can applaud them, see the medal ceremony and enjoy the cafes and restaurants of the city.

Covered Market

Located on the Place de la Mairie, this room will host the rest area for participants after arrival and help if needed.

Support crew parking

Located on the rue des Odebert, this car park is completely free and is a two-minute walk from the Place de la Mairie.

Omnisports Center (La Morlande)

This is the venue of the event, it is located five minutes by car from the place of arrival. Here you will find showers, toilets and the free camping of the Trailwalker.

Useful number

Emergency number : +33 (0)7 82 31 61 13

Check Points

CP1- Avallon

Gymnase Daniel Gazzillo
27 Avenue du Parc des Chaumes
89200 Avallon

Support crew Parking : Avenue du Parc des Chaumes, 89200 Avallon
Checkpoint opening and closing times : 8:30am – 12:30pm

CP2 – Cussy-les-Forges

2 Place de la Mairie
89420 Cussy-les-Forges

Support crew Parking : parking le long de la grande rue + parking du Courtepaille (800m)
Checkpoint opening and closing times : 10:15am – 4pm

CP3 – Auxon

Salle des fêtes
17 rue principale
Auxon – commune de Saint Brancher

Support crew Parking : parking sur les bas-côtés de la route principale
Checkpoint opening and closing times : 12pm – 7pm30

CP4- Quarré les Tombes

6 Rue des Écoles
89630 Quarré-les-Tombes

Support crew Parking : parking place de l’église
Checkpoint opening and closing times : 2pm – 12am

CP5- Saint-Martin-du-Puy

Mairie de Saint Leger Vauban
14 Rue de l’Église
89630 Saint-Léger-Vauban

Support crew Parking : parking de l’église + chemin Villiers au niveau du cimetière
Checkpoint opening and closing times : 4pm – 4am

CP6 – Bazoches

Foyer communal
le Bourg
58190 Bazoches

Support crew Parking : Parking du cimetière – à la sortie de Bazoches, direction Avallon
Checkpoint opening and closing times : 5:30pm – 7am

CP7 – Chastellux sur Cure

Mairie de Chastellux
La rue Chenot
89630 Chastellux-sur-Cure

Support crew Parking : champs à proximité immédiate du point de contrôle sur le route de la mairie.
Checkpoint opening and closing times : 7pm-10am

CP8 – Saint-Germain-des-Champs

Foyer Communal
6 Rue d’Avallon (Bourg)
89630 Saint-Germain-des-Champs

Support crew Parking : stationnement sur le bas-côté de la route d’Avallon et rue des sources.
Checkpoint opening and closing times : 8pm – 12pm

Finish – Avallon

Place Vauban
89200 Avallon

Checkpoint opening and closing times : 00h00 – 3pm

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Order your T-Shirt

10 ans du Trailwalker – Commandez votre t-shirt collector !

À l’occasion des 10 ans du Trailwalker Avallon, Oxfam France lance une gamme collector de t-shirts techniques.

Il est disponible au prix de 25 euros, en deux couleurs, vert et bordeaux. Unisexe, il existe 5 différentes tailles allant de S à XXL.

Commandez-le maintenant sur la boutique d’Oxfam France et retirez-le lors de l’événement le 17 mai.


Attention, étant une édition limitée, la vente s’arrête le 1er avril. Sautez sur l’occasion, c’est l’opportunité d’offrir, ou de vous offrir, un cadeau unique !

Par ailleurs, il est toujours possible de commander une paire de bâtons de la marque TSL, aux couleurs du Trailwalker Oxfam, pour vous accompagner et vous aider à aller au bout des 100 kilomètres !

Des questions ? Vous pouvez nous contacter par téléphone au 01 56 98 24 46 ou par email à l’adresse

L’équipe Evénements.

Trailwalker team


Marie-Estelle worked during 5 years in a well-known NGO for the development of a sportive fundraising event. In 2015, she decides to discover new horizons and she chooses Oxfam to plan the Trailwalker and the Wintertrail, two big challenges ! She may boast of finishing the trail without too much blisters on her feet!

CÉCILE DEZY Participant and Digital Communication Event Officer

After an internship at the heart of the Oxfam Event Team in 2013, it’s with a great pleasure that Cécile definitively joined the team. She’s in charge of the quality of the participants’ and digital communication’s follow up. Our geek, it’s her!

LESLIE COHEN Promotion and Partnerships Event Officer

After working in associative sports events, Leslie decided to continue in this field and joined the Oxfamily at the end of 2014. She is in charge of events promotion to companies and general public as well as partnerships.

ELODIE MESNAGE Participant Event Officer

Elodie worked for three years in consumer sports events and joined Oxfam France recently. She is in charge of monitoring teams: walkers and support crews. She is delighted to support you in this adventure!

JUDITH LERICH Chargée des bénévoles

Judith a rejoint l’équipe en janvier pour s’occuper de l’ensemble des bénévoles sur nos deux événements. C’est au sein de l’Oxfamily qu’elle a choisi d’effectuer son stage de fin d’études. Recrutement et suivi des bénévoles, elle est là pour les accompagner dans ces deux incroyables défis !

MARION COSPEREC Press Relations and Media Officer

Marion works in Oxfam France’s Communication department. It is with great pleasure that she joined the Events Team to handle press relations and media for the Trailwalker and Wintertrail. She participated with Marie-Estelle to the Belgian Trailwalker in 2016 and they want to do it again more than ever!



Oxfam Trailwalker is a challenge where teams of 4 people walk 100 km within 30 hours (no relay) and fundraise for Oxfam to support its actions.

Oxfam Trailwalker 11th edition in Avallon will be held on 16th and 17th May 2019 in the Parc naturel régional du Morvan. There will be 3 start waves, from 7am to 9am.


Oxfam Trailwalker is managed by Oxfam France – 62 bis avenue Parmentier 75011 Paris.

Oxfam France is a member of Oxfam confederation. This confederation of 19 independent charitable organisations focusing on the alleviation of global poverty, founded in 1942 and led by Oxfam International. It is a major nonprofit group with an extensive collection of operations.

Oxfam France started in 1988. Its missions are to inform, increase public awareness & mobilize citizens. Oxfam France’s work in advocacy and research focuses on Economic Justice (especially tax revenue in developing countries, ODA, tax heavens and innovative financing), Agriculture (speculation and food prizes, biofuels, land grabbing, trade rules), protecting civilians, and health.


Each team must be 4 people. Anyone over 18 years old can get involved in the event. Teams must startOxfam Trailwalker together, remain together and check in and out at each checkpoint together.

People over 16 but under 18 at the time of the event can only participate if:

    • The rest of the team is over 18
    • 1 teammate agrees to take responsibility for the minor through the course of the event. It has to be a written agreement
    • Parents provide an authorisation.

Each team must have a support crew (2 people at least) to support it logistically and mentally. Support crew members must be registered (free online registration).

Participants must be adequately trained and equiped for the event. They take full responsibility for themselves during the event.

Any change in your team’s composition must notified to the Trailwalker team (


Registration is done online, on the event’s website:

Each team must:

    • register online and pay registration fees
    • raise at least 1500 € for Oxfam France

Each particpant must:

    • provide a medical certificate (not older than one year at the start of the event), which reveals no contraindications for participating in running/walking competitions. A copy must be sent to us via email.

Only teams which have fulfilled these obligations will be given a bib on the day before the event and will be allowed to take part in Oxfam Trailwalker.

Registration is definitive: there will be no refund.


Oxfam Trailwalker is a great opportunity for colleagues to get together and challenge themselves for a good cause. Register for Trailwalker is a stimulative and innovative way to involve your company in something special that people will never forget.

We can provide you with specific support if you are interested in joining Oxfam Trailwalker.

6 – BIBS

Bibs and wrist bands must be visible at all time during the event. They must be worn over your different layers. Bibs cannot be modified or hidden.

You are not allowed to give your bib to someone. Anyone who would not respect this rule would be banned both as an individual and as a team.


Walkers should be completely autonomous between each checkpoint. They must carry the compulsory equipment at all time as well as enough food and water to be self-sufficient for at least 20 kilometres.

It will be possible to refill your water and to get some snack at each checkpoint but there will be no support provided between each checkpoint.

Support crews are not allowed on the trail, outside Oxfam Trailwalker identified checkpoints.

A walker cannot be replaced during the course of the event. It is possible to retire as an individual and/or as a team, but it must be done at a checkpoint, and you must clearly communicate this information with a staff member. Retirements must be managed by each support crew.

Walking with less than 2 teammates is not allowed. If 2 walkers from a team decide to retire, the rest of the team must join a new team, inform a staff member of it, and stick with this team during the rest of the course.


Oxfam Trailwalker is 100 km long, regularly marked.

Walkers must respect common rules when it comes to walk on public roads or cross some paths/roads.

Walkers are not allowed to choose another path than the one that is marked. If a team decide to camp nearby a checkpoint to get some sleep, they must inform a staff member before.

Animals are not tolerated on the trail or at checkpoints.

In case of extreme weather conditions or for safety reasons, Oxfam France can decide to cancel the event or stop it after it started. Oxfam France can change the trail’s course or checkpoint’s localisation without notice if necessary. Start can be delayed if necessary.

In case in cancellation, teams and donors would not be refunded.

Any bad behavior on the trail, including endangering the eco-system, can lead to disqualification.

A team which arrives at a checkpoint after closing time will be withdrawn from the event. Teams that disregard this advice proceed at their own risk. Closing times are calculated on the basis that the event can be completed within 30 hours.


Medical teams can stop someone from starting the event or from starting a new section at a checkpoint.

Checkpoints and other safety points are designed in order to be able to support participants if necessary.

Participants agree to respect medical teams’ decisions regarding their ability to continue the event.

In case of injury or of an emergency, all participants can:

    • ask for medical assistance at a checkpoint
    • call our safety checkpoint

Anyone must assist a participant or a team who would need their support. No one should be left alone on the trail at anytime.

If you cannot call our safety checkpoint, or in case of critical emergency, call 112.


Oxfam France has suscribed its own public liability to cover the event and its participants.

However, we strongly encourage participants to subscribe their own personal accident insurance.

11 – IMAGE

Participants agree to let Oxfam France use any footage and images understand and agree that these materials will become the property of the organization and will not be returned. Participants hereby irrevocably authorize the organization to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute these images for purposes of publicizing the organization’s programs or for any other lawful purpose.


Oxfam France will not give or sell your personal information. You can access and correct this information at any time.