Image Right


The transfer of image rights by the participant implies the acceptation and knowledge for these mentions.

I authorize, free of charge, the association Oxfam France to take photographs, videos and interviews of me during the Trailwalker Oxfam Avallon on the 07th, 08th, 09th May 2021 and the Trailwalker Oxfam Dieppe on the 02nd, 03rd, 04th July 2021 and to use my image and speech on any type of medium.

Images and contents produced during the event will be used exclusively for intern and extern Oxfam communication purposes.

This authorization concerns especially the right to represent or to to be represented, to reproduce or to make reproduce, in integrality or partly, videos, photographs or interviews either directly by Oxfam France, or through a third party authorized by Oxfam France, including offices and members of the Oxfam Confederation, globally through all technical means, known and unknown to this date.

Your photos, videos and oral declarations will possibly be published and broadcasted though the press, on any medium and format, both in profit and non-profit sectors, public or private (such as websites, journals, social media, reports, television or on the radio., etc.) Nonetheless, Oxfam might not use them.

You have the right to refuse to be filmed, photographed or interviewed by Oxfam. Know that this choice will not cause harm to you, your family or your community.

If you wish to know which testimonies/images Oxfam possesses on you or wish that Oxfam/our photograph stops using your testimony/image, please contact us :

Phone : +33 (0)1 56 98 24 46

Email :

We will then stop using your image or testimony.

This authorization is consented, free of charge and without expiration date.